Mossman classified as "highly polluted"

What is the pollution like in my postcode? 

ABC maps Australian pollution by postcode. The search relies on data from the National Pollution Inventory (NPI), which is run by the Department of Environment and Energy. The NPI data shows what is being released from an emission source. 

The Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) has taken the NPI dataset and mapped it using two variables: the number of polluting facilities in a postcode and the volume of emissions in the air in that postcode.

ACF's "total emissions in the air" values are the sum of five key pollutants, which represent the majority of emissions. Other pollutants may be present. 

One polluting facility was identified for the postcode 4873, The Mossman Sugar Mill. It emitted a total of 769.705.3824 kg into the air. 

The data set at the time of writing this article is based on self recorded data from 2016/2017.