Community meeting: Saturday 2.11.2019

" It always seems impossible until it is done."
- Nelson Mandela.
Let's come together and see how we can tackle the things in the "too hard basket".


1.00pm: Introduction, housekeeping, communication
1.10pm: Session 1 & Workshop
A message from the Sugar Mill
        Update on healthy soil (Farmer Clint)
        Update on the environmental youth
        Update on Mossman Botanical Garden
        Environmental issues in the Shire & 
        what can we do?
2.00pm: Session 2 & Workshop
        Chamber of Commerce - What does it offer?
        (Liz Ross)
        Council's new Economic Development
        Taskforce project (M Stoermer)
        & Feedback
2.50pm: Conclusion and Finish at 3.00pm

In SESSION 1 we will be joined by the Health Safety Environment & HR Advisor of Far Northern Milling giving us some information about the planned work at the mill. We then hear how farmer Clint's earthworms are going and what exciting plans he is up to. 
We also want to check on any progress in regards to the environmental youth project. This is an initiative led by local highschool student Caitlin and started at the last THINK TANK with the help of some people in the audience. We also want to hear what has happened on the Botanical Garden front and what actions are planned.
We then want to discuss some environmental issues that were encountered.

And then we like you to get your thinking hats on and share some of your ideas

In SESSION 2 we will have Liz Ross from the Chamber of Commerce explaining the goals of the Chamber of Commerce and discussing if and how you could take advantage by becoming an active member. And finally, the CEO of Douglas Shire Council, Mark Stoermer, likes to share with us a newly developed "Economic Development Taskforce Strategy" -aimed to tackle the Shire's economical challenges. 

And then again, your constructive feedback will be needed !    

Don't forget to bring your water bottle!