Community meeting: Saturday 5.10.2019

"You may delay, but time will not." - Benjamin Franklin. 
We need you to come and help to shape our vision for the Douglas Shire and our future.

The agenda for today:

1.00pm: Introduction & Updates
1.20pm: Caitlin Nulty: "Climate Change - Insights of a young person"
1.40pm: CEO Mark Stoermer: "Council's Corporate Plan & Structure"
2.10pm: Mike Berwick, DSSG: "The Daintree Coast - Past & Future"
2.40pm: Brainstorming: What is your vision?
2.50pm: Conclusion
3.00pm: Finish

Caitlin Nulty, a Mossman Highschool student, will share her perspective on Climate Change and what it means to her and her generation. Climate Change - one of the big elephants in the room - is going to shape our immediate future, if we like it or not. And it is the younger generation which will be most affected! 

Mark Stoermer, the CEO of the Douglas Shire Council, will explain the Council's overall vision for the Shire as well as the individual plans for the three separate areas (Port Douglas, Mossman and Daintree). He will also explain the structure of the Council in regards to decision making processes. 

Mike Berwick, member of Douglas Shire Sustainability Group, will share his knowledge about the Daintree Coast as an environmental, scientific and cultural treasure. He will also explain why it is important for the community to settle on a coherent vision for the Daintree.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon.