Community meeting: Saturday 7.9.2019

Community without communication is like a fish without water! If you have knowledge, ideas or concerns to share you should come to our THINK TANK meetings, first Saturday of each month. Your input could be the missing puzzle piece!

The idea of the THINK TANK was born out of the realisation that we are a very diverse community, organised in many -often conflicting- circles and that there was no common platform for all residents to meet in a productive way. Yet, we all share some common grounds. We all want to live a healthy life, we all need a job that supports our families but ideally should not make us sick, and we come to realize that we need to improve our impact on the environment, as the health of our evironment plays a huge role in all the aforementioned.

Each of us harbours a lot of experience, knowledge and ideas. But to always keep these within a group of like minded people might not have the effects we are hoping for. 

That's why the THINK TANK wants to provide a format for people from all walks of life and various backgrounds to physically meet and listen and learn from each other.

The first official THINK TANK in August was a great beginning and the "bio diversity of human species" was promising. Topics raised were a good starting point for discussion and reflection. The tenor was: We can - and we need to - do better than what we are currently doing!

Whats on the agenda for September?

Firstly, we have reserved some time to pick up on issues from the previous presentations, some follow up information or even controversial thoughts?

Monika Prins, a Mossman resident and active member in a couple of community groups, will share her vision of community.

And then we are able to hear about two local projects and developments:

John Sullivan will talk about the Mossman Botanic Garden - a project that could be a driver of Mossman's future in many ways.

And we will also have the opportunity to hear first hand from a local farmer, Clint Reynolds, who shares his knowledge and vision and will deliver an amazing message: Healthy soil and growing healthy food in our region for our community and beyound is possible.

The THINK TANK represents our community and as such welcomes anybody who likes to help developing new and better ways of doing things.

If you feel inspired to share your vision with the community on Saturday, we have time reserved for this as well.

Please join us if you want to make our community a better place!