Community meeting: Saturday 7.12.2019 Mossman Bowls Club 12pm - 2pm

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – African Proverb. 

The last THINK TANK in 2019 will be all about OPPORTUNITIES!

Earlier this year we have learnt a lot about things that are not so great in the Douglas Shire - from economic decline to serious environmental concerns. But the need to adapt - underlined by climate change science - not only brings challenges but also opportunities.    

Opportunities that we like to share...


12.00: Introduction & Housekeeping
12.10: SESSION 1 - Community projects and Updates
       Julie Verri - Tropical North Steiner School
       Michael Sawyer - Community Garden Project
12.50: WORKSHOP - Questions for Council candidates
13.10: SESSION 2 - Economic opportunities & Updates
       Gavin Kay, Agro-Ecologist: Regeneration through
       Agriculture - One goal, many paths
13.50: Conclusion and Finish at 14.00


Having a choice of different schools is a great opportunity for our small community to show our ability to think outside of the box and embrace diversity. Julie Verri, who is the head and heart behind the Tropical North Steiner School, will introduce us to this holistic educational concept. As with most new projects, the beginning can be tricky but a bit of support will go a long way...

A very special project is taking place - unnoticed to many: A group of unemployed community members is learning to establish and care for a veggy garden at the Community Centre. The results are remarkable. Michael Sawyer, horticulturist and the project leader, will share the concept as well as the many benefits of this project. Maybe a community garden in a larger scale will be achievable?

Workshop: With elections coming up in March 2020 we want you to put your thinking hats on! What questions do you like to ask the Council candidates (once we know who they are) ? And in which way would you like to hear their answers? Voting is a privilege - lets make sure we are informed and chose wisely.

What is "agro-ecology" and how can it be applied to the Douglas Shire? Could we even grow hemp? Looking at the triple bottom line - planet, people, profit - Gavin Kay, an agro-ecologist coming from a long lineage of farmers in WA,  will help us understand how changes in our land use can have a significant benefit for the economy, the environment, as well as the individual.

Thanks for coming and see you again next year!