The Think Tank 2nd of November 2019: Facts & Ideas worth sharing

Speakers ranged from the DSC CEO Mark Stoermer seeking genuine input from the audience for the Council's planned Economic Development Taskforce Project to a local nurse sharing her personal story how the use of pesticides has affected her family - with her father now being diagnosed with lymphoma.


The Mossman Botanic Garden has had a successful tree planting day as part of the Kubbiri Creek Restoration Project with more to come.

Caitlin Nulty's environmental project is going ahead - a picture book for primary school aged children is underway with the view to be distributed throughout the Shire.

Farmer Clint wants to know what works for farmers in nearby regions and is organizing a trip for open minded farmers. Interested people should contact Mossman Agricultural Services on  07 - 40982268  or just enquire in store for expression of interest.  

The Mossman Mill will spend $109,030 on emissions reduction work over the coming months and will invite the community to 6 monthly meetings. Deby Ruddell, HSE/HR Advisor from FNM, asks the community to contact the mill directly with any concerns during crushing season on 07 - 40304100. She has also given a short update of the planned "Daintree Bio Precinct" with Phase 1 completed and Phase 2 currently for review at the relevant State Department.

Please see the presentation from Deby Ruddell here.

Environmental Concerns:

Douglas Shire Council is not offering safe disposal of household batteries anymore. However, under no circumstances should they go in to the general waste. One option is to collect batteries at schools where they can eventually be taken to Cairns and can help filling up the P&Cs cash flow.
More options need to be explored.

Mercury and other heavy metals are of concern in the Shire as many fertilizers, chemicals and household items (such as light bulbs etc) contain these contaminants and are used by a large percentage of residents not only in commercial settings.
New ways need to be found.

Currently, no data seems to be available which chemical products the Council is using, or how much and where pesticides are applied.
More transparency is warranted

Kath Lyons, a local nurse, has shared her personal story from being raised on a commercial farm and now seeing her father suffering from lymphoma.

These facts are not conducive to the Shire's perceived image of being an Eco-Tourism destination.
Work needs to be done in our own backyards!

Workshop - Ideas and Visions from real people:

Public solar powered transport within the Douglas Shire was clearly the number one idea, with a benefit for locals as well as tourism as well as the environment.

Public transport from Mossman to the JCU/Cairns was another suggestion - this will open up tighter bonds with the university, students and research, especially in view of the Botanic Garden Project and economic diversification a very good point raised!

See the full list of ideas from people for people ( "THE LIST")  here.

Mark Stoermer, CEO of the Douglas Shire Council, presented the concept of an Economic Strategic Review Committee. This is intended to improve the Douglas Shire's future economic development and performance. The concept would see the Mayor, Julia Leu, as the chair of the Committee. In Mark Stoermer's open feedback session this was the number one concern raised amongst the audience.

Please see Mark Stoermer's presentation here.

You find a list with issues raised by the audience during the feedback session here.

Douglas Chamber of Commerce president Liz Ross and vice president Martin Tranter invited all business owners in the Douglas Shire to join forces as any organisation is just as good and powerful as the members that are driving it. While both of them personally are committed to support and educate businesses across the Shire, Liz and Martin have both reached out to the Council for a modest amount of funding.