The Think Tank 3rd of August 2019 - Meeting of many minds

On Saturday, 3rd of August 2019, about 30 people, as diverse as we like them to be, gathered in the CWA Hall in Mossman to discuss the state of our beautiful Douglas Shire. Here are some key messages:

If you want to solve a big problem you need to look for the root causes.

This applies for all three pillars of our system: social, environmental and economic.

We need to overcome our fragmentation and polarisation to work together towards our common goals.

Click here to see the introductory slide presentation of Dr Alex Bernhardi

Listen to an interview Dr Alex Bernhardi gave to Paul Makin from FabFM

We have lots of assets in the Douglas Shire - the jewel in the crown.

Yet - our economy has declined, both in figures and in comparison to the overall development in FNQ.

How could this happen ? What can be done?

Click here to see the slide presentation of Can Kara

Click here to see the slides of Gerry Ireland

To develop and implement a sustainable strategy for our diverse Shire  requires an experienced and dedicated Economic Development Officer with good communication skills.

Do we have one?

Listen to an interview Terry Maloney gave to Paul Makin from FabFM


Where is our tourism leadership?

What happened to the Economic Business Plan from 1998?

What is the Melbourne Business Plan from 2012?

Listen to an interview Gerry Ireland gave to Paul Makin from FabFM

Overall, it was a passionate meeting which highlighted the need for regular THINK TANKs so that the community can come together and share knowledge and ideas.

The next THINK TANK will be held on 7th of September -