The Think Tank 5th of October 2019: Food for Thought

Interesting information was revealed. Opinions were not always unanimously. But one important action already resulted: A support group was set up to help Caitlin to achieve her goals - raising awareness how to care for our local environment and leading by good example! 

  • A united vision is needed for the Douglas Shire. 
  • Action will need to follow if we want to make progress.
  • Sharing information helps to find first steps towards each other through better understanding.

Read the minutes of the third THINK TANK here

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Caitlin Nulty, a local highschool student, shared her passion about caring for the environment. But she also talked about the lack of awareness within her age group as well as the obstacles she is facing to implement her ideas. The audience was impressed by Caitlin's genuine and clear ambition and spontaneously formed a working group to support Caitlin.

Click here to listen to Caitlin's speech on Radio FABFM Podcast

Mark Stoermer, CEO of Douglas Shire Council, gave a very informative presentation about how the Council works and the framework of Council's future plans. He pointed out that Council will have thorough community and expert consultation when creating these plans. The audience learned three main facts:

  • The main role of the CEO is to implement decisions made by the Mayor and the four councillors.
  • Douglas Shire Council is working on three different plans - one each for Port Douglas, Mossman and for Daintree - embedded in an overall vision.
  • Council's "30 year Daintree Plan" is not identical with the recently released 30 year plan from DSSG (Douglas Shire Sustainability Group).

Click here to listen to Mark Stoermer's presentation on Radio FABFM Podcast.

Click here to see Mark Stoermers's slide show.

Mike Berwick, member of Douglas Shire Sustainability Group (DSSG), gave a succinct summary of the importance of the Daintree region as a World Heritage area. He pointed out that conservation of this treasure is not only globally important but is indeed a foundation of our local economy. He is appealing to the community to find a shared vision and strategy.

Click here to listen to Mike Berwick's talk on Radio FABFM Podcast.

Or click here to see Mike Berwick's slide presentation.