The THINK TANK 7th of December 2019: Open to opportunities

A great future for our agriculture that ticks all the boxes of being good for the environment as well as for our finances? Absolutely possible!
A Community Garden? A  Steiner School in Mossman? It is all possible and happening!
The opportunities are all out there... let's seize them!

Did you know that Bill Gates sent his child to a Steiner School?
Julie Verri, herself a teacher, explained, that Steiner Schools are the fastest growing independent schools in the world with over 1000 globally and almost 50 in Australia. Steiner education focuses on raising well rounded human beings, which certainly helps to address the many behavioural problems that we so often see these days.
To have one of these well thought after schools in Mossman would be a great asset.

If you want to get involved, please ring Julie Verri on 0406486487 or email her on

Click here to visit the website of The Tropical North Steiner School.

Click here to learn more about Steiner Education in general.

Michael Sawyer, an experienced horticulturist, presented Mossman's Community Garden Project under the umbrella of Mossman Support Services. It proved to be a great success on many levels - providing skill and knowledge building, team work, healthy nutrition, environmental and economic opportunities. The only downside so far is that this project is strictly funded for unemployed residents through employment agencies only.
But that does not mean that the project needs to end there - we heard that ideas for a community garden for the entire community are already out there. Watch this space...

Please see Michael's presentation here.

From hemp to organic cucumbers - the potential to transform our existing agricultural land into a successful market, meeting unmet demands for healthy, Australian grown food and fibre, is huge. As Gavin Kay, an experienced agro- ecologist, explained, to make this opportunity reality needs forward thinking and a combined effort. Farmers cannot do this alone - we need politicians on all levels as well as the community behind it.

“It is the most important thing we can be doing in the world at present. Stabilisation of the climate is aspirational; stabilization of our productive systems is non-negotiable."

“In a changing climate, more resilient agricultural systems will mean the difference between profit and loss for some, life and death for others."

“Farmers have more potential as individuals than any other for the draw-down of atmospheric carbon, but they need support in the transition required." - Gavin Kay

What questions should we ask our candidates running for Council in March 2020?
The list amongst the tables grew quite long and questions were as diverse as expected from the mixed audience.
Pressing issues for sure included

  • Rates
  • Water security
  • Climate change adaptation, mitigating and governance

While leading our Shire into a prosperous new decade will be a challenge, the upcoming elections are a good opportunity to make informed decision!

Please find the complete list of "questions to ask our candidates" here.