The Think Tank 7th of September 2019 - Careful Collaboration

The CWA hall was filled with passionate people from all corners of the Douglas Shire to learn, discuss and collaborate. Nothing went unchallenged, but first steps towards each other were taken...

What is the truth about Douglas Shire's tourism and economic development data?

Different people have different opinions on this - but the CEO Mark Stoermer has promised to look into it and was happy to hear that community members like to be actively involved. 

You can read the complete minutes here.


Community is essential for the individuum, and each person's contribution to the community is important.

In fact, being connected and having a purpose in life is one of the foundations of longevity! 

Click here to read Monika Prins' vision of community

Although often talked about over the last years - to hear first hand about the comprehensive concept of the Mossman Botanic Garden was a surpise for many. The Mossman Botanic Garden will

  • be a home for endangered flora and fauna,
  • provide significant local employment and stimulate the economy, 
  • create a mark for Mossman on the map and a space for residents to meet.

Click here to see John Sullivan's slide presentation.

Or listen to an interview John Sullivan gave to Paul Makin from FABFM radio.

Or jump onto the Mossman Botanic Garden website

" First I saw the earthworms - then I saw the rewards."

Local farmer Clint Reynolds has been thinking outside the box, guided by international evidence and driven by his vision to create a healthy farm and a healthy future for his children. He explains that healthy soil is the key for healthier crop, but also for a healthier bank account. 

Clint is keen to spread the word...

Click here to read Clint's presentation.

Click here to listen to an interview Clint gave to Paul Makin from FABFM radio.